Friday, 21 January 2011

Deconstruct, Reconstruct

Currently I am working on a project called Deconstruct, Reconstruct whereby we (my classmates and I) are allowed two garments of our own choosing each, which we then have to change somehow- either to make something completely different or to change the function of the existing garments. Now I don't know about you, but I consider this to be a fashion project- except that all the tutors keep banging on about it being a project for everybody (not sure the stylists and fashion promotion kids agree but there we are). I chose a summery shirt and a little dress- modelled below by one of my very obliging friends...

(She had a very Heidi-esque look here I think...)

I decided to just get stuck in and start unpicking them to see what bits I could get out- the tutors wanted us to design a whole load of outfits just by looking at the garments but how do you know if they are feasible designs or not without seeing how much material you have in the first place?
I unpicked the dress first and the pockets were surprisingly large- when turned upside down, I discovered they made fab boob holders!
Cutting a long story short, I ended up with a dress design which was a halter neck, with a kind of heart shaped top section, a smocked middle section and a tiered skirt. I think in practice I will keep it as a skirt and a top to make it easier to get in and out of because...horror of horrors!!!!....the tutors are forcing (forcing!!! as in we don't have a choice!) us to go on a catwalk in front of hundreds of people, modelling our own design to raise money for a charity I have never heard of and can't remember (although I'm sure it's very noteworthy). I really don't want to walk this catwalk as I will likely make a numpty of myself, but here is my design pinned onto a mannequin...

 (Front View)

 (Side View)

(Back View)

Unfortunately, I'm not the same shape as the mannequin, nor am I as skinny, so the smocked back panel is going to have tabs sewn on to it where the pins are visible, and then I am going to put in some lacing (like on the back of a corset) for extra decoration and to make sure the band is nice and tight.
Originally I wasn't sure if the colours and the patterns would go together, but I think when all jumbled up like this they do look much better. According to my tutors, my inspirations were hippies and tribal things... 

As little accessories (what would an outfit be without accessories?!) I have made arm and wrist warmers out of the leftover scraps...

 (This one is using pleating which has been stitched alternate ways to create a kind of wave effect, and I have also added one of the cuffs of an original sleeve, complete with button)

(This one is much longer than the first, with a thumb hole and straight pleats on one half, and then little flowers on the other side- it's also my favourite one!!)

The fashion show is not for a while, presumably there will be more photos on this project so I will post them up as they come!

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