Monday, 10 January 2011

Fashion Illustrations

I know I said I was a textile person, but my course covers all sorts of things so fashion illustration was next! It was in this project that I discovered negative colour photocopying- if you haven't tried it I suggest you do, you never know what is going to come out! (Although it can get expensive for me as every colour photocopy is 25p per sheet!!!!). We had to design outfits based on different key words, for example: romantic, urban, spiky, voluminous etc and I think mine turned out quite well.

The above images were all negative colour photocopies because I think they look better than the originals.

We then had to try and draw designs which showed or gave a hint of the materials rather than just the design itself, so for example: lace, tweed, prints, furs etc

This one was made using collaged materials and when it went into the photocopier the negative came out glowing!! I rather like it :)

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