Sunday, 23 January 2011

Frances Pickering

I've had a weekend off from my college work (although I can't really afford to) and instead looked up some of my favourite artists.
I don't know if any you have run into a lovely textile artist called Frances Pickering who makes the most amazing textile books. She is quite often at craft shows like the one at Alexandra Palace (which for those of you who don't know about this show, is absolutely amazing. I have been twice and each time there is a huge variety of stalls: three giant rooms full of artists, shops, inspirations, exhibitions etc. I thoroughly recommend you go!) and the quality of her work is quite astounding. I wonder if she does ATCs? :D

(One of Frances' incredibly detailed books)

I really enjoy finding out about new artists, and also meeting them in person. One such artist is Maggie Grey, who is the proud author of several books (which are worth getting just to look at the pictures!). I met her at the Alexandra show and she gave me a little experiment she had made using magic mould and metallic/acrylic paints- now one of my treasured possessions. I would link up her name, but if you type her into google, so many different pages and websites come up that it is impossible to choose the best one- she is on blogspot though so you can follow her on here.

Some more of my favourite and notable artists:

Kathleen Laurel Sage- also a regular at the Alexandra show (have I convinced you to go yet?). She does the most amazing things with plastic and organzas and has been really helpful to me giving little tips everytime I meet her.

(One of Kathleen's amazing fans, which are huge and in such gorgeous colours!!!)

Jane Hall- Incredibly inspired and dedicated to nature, she also has written a book which I think is worth getting just for the pictures (boy do I want her study area!!). I have referenced her in many of my projects because of her intricate details and use of layering fabrics to create textures.

Sue Rangeley- I only met her last year (I think you can guess where!) but have fallen in love with her work. I got her book for Christmas which she had signed for me (how exciting!! It's addressed to me and everything!!) and the colours are fantastic.

Kim Thittichai- This is the woman who introduced me to Lutrador, Tyvek, Evolon and all those exciting materials and to whom I will be eternally grateful to for it. Her work is amazing and always has the most exciting textures. (She has also written several books, all of which can be found on Amazon (I should probably be getting paid for all this promotion :D))

Well I think I will leave you to mull over these artists and hopefully fall in love with their work. I totally recommend the books they have written

(Can I just say that the photos I have used in this post I do not personally own)


  1. Just been looking at your blog from mixedmediauk
    Like your vase. Thought you might like to know Maggie Grey is coming to my embroidery guild next week. Kathleen Sage lives about 10 mins walk away from me and I have done a workshop with Frances made a great book about my garden and still making books

    1. Thank you. How lucky that you get to live so close to Kathleen! Very jealous of your contacts with my great textile artists!! =D

  2. I love Kathleen Laurel Sage's work. She's been one of my favorites, too, for a long time. I wish she'd come to the US and teach a workshop here. I would definitely try to attend.