Monday, 10 January 2011

Peg Doll Fashion Show

This was the first project we had to do once in our pathways in Foundation- a peg doll fashion show!
The idea was that we would have to (in groups) organise an entire fashion show based on a theme derived from a song lyric picked from out of a hat- ours was "Undertakers Burial".

Our stage set up. I think it would have looked better without the projector right in the front, but then the moth wing image on the back screen would have been bigger. I really like the shadows of the garments though, very dramatic!

Two of my designs on the catwalk. My group were the first to show ours which was very nervewracking I have to admit- especially as we were being filmed!  My favourite peg doll wasn't one of mine, but it looked good anyway :P It was our finale peg and had the longest train of all!

Love the combination of the dyed lace and torn cotton strips. The blended colours looked amazing!

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