Monday, 10 January 2011

Sea Urchins!

I have never done so much knitting than in the last few weeks! Endless amounts of sea urchins have been churned out, dipped in Paverpol and set in latex! Eurgh, the things we do to create a portfolio!

Anyway, the project initially started with an introduction to felt, knit and weave- finally a more textiley project!- and then we had to develop it into our own kind of field, I can't remember now why I started looking at sea urchins, but suddenly I'm creating lots of them, and also making little bowls out of latex which I think look quite cute...

They almost look like they are made of glass. One of my favourite glass artists is Dale Chihuly- heard of him? He is inspired by shells and makes the most amazing bowls and installations. If you have ever been to the V & A Museum in London, you will see one of his pieces hanging from the ceiling in the foyer- all blue and yellow swirls. It's amazing!

I then started to make panels of latex, coloured with inks and with the knitted urchins set into it- experimenting with photography on a light box as well as different kinds of knitting and colours and all sorts of other things!.


This project ended up being a design for a garden- I was thinking maybe set at the Eden Project, they often have wacky art stuff there. Imagine giant knitted sea urchins which you can sit on or jump on, and a massive pathway made of latex (shoes off please!)...... My favourite piece of art at the Eden Project has to be the "Field of Light" by Bruce Munro. Although I didn't see it personally (I wish I had!!) the photos look amazing! Especially at night!

My moodboard with my design proposal.

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