Monday, 14 February 2011

The Brighton Show, More Flowers and a Cat in the Doghouse!

I have had quite an eventful weekend this week- mostly involving stressing out over my portfolio. With four days to go until my first interview, it's all hands on deck!
I hope you like the title of this post by the way, I always find it difficult to come up with catchy titles so invariably they aren't- I am quite pleased with this one though, groups of three seem to work quite well.
On Sunday I went to The Stitches and Hobbycrafts show at the Brighton Centre- I normally go every year (although last year mum deliberately didn't tell me it was on so she didn't have to spend any money) and am very sad that card and jewellery making seems to be taking over this year. Several of our favourite stalls like Art Van Go or The Mulberry Bush weren't there but it seems that stalls selling ink pads and glitter pens are all the rage as they were everywhere!
I did manage to get a few interesting things though, thanks to Kim Thittachi- wonderful woman!- crushed lutrador (looks like crushed silk paper, very pretty) and something called Plastazote which to me looks like a sheet of white foam, but apparently when you heat it up it you can press objects into it and it will keep the shape of the object. A bit like clay but in foam form.
In the exhibition area there was a fantastic knitted tent thing which, when you walked through it, was full of knitted fish, octopusses (octopie?), sea urchins, sea weed, mermaids, divers, etc, even a giant shark with huge knitted teeth! It was amazing! Very atmospheric too once you were inside this big tunnel tent as the railings were lit with blue lighting so you really did feel like you were in some kind of bizarre underwater world.
The outside was just as impressive with knitted seagulls, puffins (with knitted fish in their beaks) and an old seaman holding a knitted lobster! It was fantastic! Quite the star of the show, my friend went through it three times!
It was a nightmare getting to the place though! The traffic was ridiculous! My Godmother offered to drive us there and it took us nearly two hours compared to the 45 minutes it normally is!

When we got back home, I discovered that the cat had taken a bit of a liking to my precious portfolio work which had been left in a neat pile on the floor waiting to be ordered and perfected, and had walked all over it with his wet dirty paws!!!

And he's outside now, bathing in the spring sun, looking so innocent. Butter wouldn't melt in this cat's mouth!

I am trying to work a bit quicker with this flower project for the portfolio so have taken to using my camera a lot. The laptop is getting completely clogged up with shots of these origami flowers so I will have to go through and edit. It's also costing me a lot in printing! 25p per colour sheet! They don't seem to understand the words 'penniless student' at college...
Anyway, as it is beautiful and sunny in the garden, and the spring flowers are starting to peep shyly above the soil, I thought I would stick my flowers in amongest real flowers! See how they fared. I think they look especially lovely I have to admit.

Unfortunately the cat took an interest in these too...maybe he just appreciates fine art :D

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