Sunday, 27 February 2011

A Burst of Inspiration

Exhausted from chasing up and down the country for university interviews, I have spent the last two days working on my ATCs. I am being very prepared and have made my March alphabet ones already! They are basically using the same kinds of techniques as my previous ones but I have varied the colours and the backgrounds to make them more individual. Now that I have made so many using the embroidery technique I can't think how to make Aprils different!!! Maybe I'll wait and see what the others come up with for some inspiration.

Do they look vaguely sunset and silhouette inspired?

I also have lots of leftover bits and pieces so tried combining some of them together to make two more ATCs- this time I think they could have been inspired by rust, although the texture is a bit softer :D

I have also finally succeeded in persuading my mum that she should make some more ATCs. Taking her inspiration from the themes that we were using in my Yahoo group MixedMediaATC_UK she has made several mini patchwork cards, although these three are the only that she has completely finished. I think they look rather good, very cute and kitsch.


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