Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Flowers Galore!!

I have started a new project at college, inspired by...yes you guessed! It's probably a bit of a health hazard because our room is so hot and everyone has got their own bunch of flowers- we all got a bit high and headachey from the fumes today.
I managed to make my desk beautifully bright and colourful , and had to take a picture of it to show off my flower montage.

We had to start by doing some monotone sketches of the flowers we had brought in- I had to go and choose really quite complicated flowers (which looked like some kind of daisy or chrysanthamum(?)) with lots of petals. I tried using my left hand, two pens at once, not looking at the page etc etc to try and get different effects.

I think I should probably do some more detailed drawings to prove that I can actually draw, maybe in my sketchbook instead- but I need some time to do that. A lot of my work sheet drawings are quite messy and experimental, like my colour sheet, where I used the actual flowers to print with...

Above is my favourite drawing of the day, using fineliner and coloured ink.

I ended up simplifying the flower shape quite a lot and using cardboard stencils to print a vague daisy shape which I repeated across the page. Also, the technique of using the flower to print with interested me so I experimented more with that- gradually the petals fell off so the prints had less petals each time which was quite entertaining.


 (The negative version- a gorgeous, brilliant blue!)

The above image is using the flower itself to print with and then detailling some areas with fine liner. (Note the petals that got stuck!)

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