Thursday, 24 February 2011

Travelling with Scott

My Dad and I have been practically living in our car (Scott) for the last three days as we have been travelling around the country going to my interviews- one in Buckinghamshire and one in Falmouth (not exactly close together!!) It was quite nice really, packing the chocolate digestives and a few clementines and setting off on our travels- although I have to admit, getting up at half past four in the morning to get to Falmouth was not my idea of fun. It was raining and foggy the entire way there, with visibility next to nothing!!!!! You end up hoping the universities accept you just because of all the effort you went to to actually get to the interview in the first place!!
We ate out at a really nice restaurant in Falmouth, very posh food all beautifully presented and that kind of thing. Had some odd looks from passers by- although that may be because we were sitting outside...on our the cold... We were offered blankets by the waiters! The view was really lovely over the harbour which lit up when it got dark, and there was the fresh smell of the sea...somewhat tainted towards the end as the chef set the fire alarm off and a load of smoke wafted out from the window.
I hope the interviews went well, I think I am getting the hang of it all now, thinking of questions to ask (they always look disappointed in you if you don't have any questions) and how to phrase certain answers. Hopefully when I get to the last interview it will be a doddle and I will sail through it with no problems at all!!
I thought you might like to see some pictures I took along the way (in Falmouth) of a crow- who my Dad named Gerald- who sat on a sign in front of us as we took in the view across the harbour and just watched us, which was a tad disconcerting at times even though I know he's a crow.


On the way home we stopped off in a car park with the most amazing view down to the sea, across some patchworked fields with the sun shining brightly down on us, to eat our lunch. It was very spring like, the windows of the car were down with a slight breeze, it was warm....glorious!!!

By the way, I have now heard back from two of the Universities and have an unconditional offer for Bolton, but didn't get into Bucks :(

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