Friday, 11 March 2011

Eclectic Shadows & Some Excellent News!!!

Following on from my Eclectic project, I have been experimenting with movement of the weaves, dipping them in Paverpol and twisting them as they dried so that they keep their shape. Please note- these photos aren't blurred, they're moving! :D

The shadows also cast a very interesting shape as I discovered...

And finally, I tried using wire as the warp thread (read below blog entry for a definition) and then had great fun twisting it into different shapes for my photo shoot...

On a side note- I have been accepted into De Montfort University in Leceister with an unconditional offer!!! Yay!!!!  And I am hosting my first ATC swap entitled 'Tangled in a Fish Net' so I'll keep you posted on that. Plus(!) I am starting my final major project next week so it is all go in the Power household!!!

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