Friday, 1 April 2011

Lost in the Jungle

I couldn't think of a catchy title for this post (or my FMP as this is the same title) so 'Lost In The Jungle' will have to do. :D
I have been endlessly finger knitting 3 metre lengths of knit to make 'vines'- the beginning part of my knitted jungle- if you ever feel a pressing need to do the same, sitting on the kitchen counter listening to the radio is a good way of passing the time and before you know it you have a long length of wool spilling all over the floor!
The idea behind this supposed madness is they will end up flung over trees as an outdoor installation. Here is my first attempt in my back garden...

I wasn't really sure that it had the right effect though (might be all the rubbish that has collected in the garden), so I did some more knitting and listening to the radio, then invited my friend to come and model the vines for me in a nearby wood. These photos went much better, although it was typical that as soon as I want a proper photo shoot, it rains!!! Mud everywhere! Still, it was hilariously funny and I think the end photos really get across the idea of it being an interactive installation. We were being surreptitiously watched by a couple of dog walkers who were hiding behind a bush which sort of added to the hilarity.

I also played around with using different buttons on my camera- for example, the top right image is using the chrome colour setting, definitely makes the colours brighter.

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