Saturday, 28 May 2011


Yay!! I have finally finished putting up this exhibition!! Thank goodness for that! Took ages to put it all together and I kept running out of things like wallpaper which was incredibly annoying- here is a brief flick through of how it all went up!

 (Painted white)                                            (Half wallpapered)

                         (Completely wallpapered)                                    (Painted green)

(Darker green drips flicked on)

There were a few difficulties when wallpapering as in the left hand corner are two little blocks sticking out which had to be individually papered and then cut round with the long sheet of paper- took ages and lots of beating the paper to get it to go right. Then there is the hole for the light switch access which had to be wallpapered around as well!

I did have it all up on Thursday but I really hated it! It looked awful in my opinion! Here is what it looked like then:

I didn't like the placement of the 'curtain' which was originally much taller until I started attacking it to get nice loops and textures. Also the string holding up the vines was not very aesthetic. Added to that I wasn't sure about the colour of the walls and the fact that the rug is much shallower than the size of the box!

Still, all was not lost as the next day the string collapsed and it all fell down. Instead, I have individually stapled each vine to the ceiling, moved the 'curtain' backwards so that it is in line with the rug- making the jungle appear bigger somehow- the curtain has also been stapled to the ceiling so that it is no longer hanging in mid air, and it is all looking much better! Here are a few shots of the finished installation!


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