Monday, 16 May 2011

Waxing The Jungle

I haven't said much lately about my FMP so I thought I would let you know how it is coming along. I am in the final few weeks!!! My studio has been taken away and turned into an exhibition space so at the end of the week I have to go and do a load of taping and painting to make it look beautiful. I spent all of yesterday knitting like crazy- volunteers are welcome...I'm knitting my fingers to stumps!!!
Anyway, in the last week of studio time I was waxing lots of my knits to give them unusual textures and shapes, only issue is, it makes them a lot thinner so in my opinion I need more of them!!!

They do look less woolly though which is fantastic!

I have also been thinking about backgrounds for my jungle. The space I have consists of three walls set in a partial box shape. These will be painted white and then my jungle set within it so people can walk into it. The issue is the white walls which are just too clinical for my jungle. So I think I will buy some plain wallpaper and paint it- or maybe green paper and dribble paint over the top. Here are some of my experiments...

The coloured background does look better I think, and the walls don't really need texture as there will be lots inside the box to take in.

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