Sunday, 19 June 2011

Enchanted Coral Bowl

Well after a lot of machine stitching and waiting for bits to dry, I have finally finished my textile bowl!! I didn't realise how much thread it would use up though and now have loads of empty reels knocking around the house. Still, I think it looks nice.

Firstly I made a big outer layer of machine stitching with bits of fleece and fabric trapped in the circled stitches...

Then decided it needed something else- Mum didn't like the way the 'sides' were all different lengths so I decided to add another layer out of beaten kozo, which I then painted with acrylic paint.

Layered it all up with a smaller layer of more machine stitching on top of the kozo and it ended up looking like this...

So hopefully I will get into this exhibition- I sent the pictures off this morning so now I have the nerve wracking wait. It would just be so fantastic to get in!!! And would look great on my CV of course! :D

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