Saturday, 11 June 2011

A Lewes Exhibition

My Dad was reading the Argus this evening and noticed an article about an exhibition being held in Lewes by the Lewes Football club. Apparently any Sussex artists can apply for their work to be displayed and he suggested that I have a go at it. The deadline is for the 20th June so that doesn't give me much time but I thought I would start researching into it anyway.
For a long time now I have wanted to make textile bowls, but have never really had the time to make them. By textile bowls I mean using machine stitching and lightweight fabrics on water soluble fabric on which I can create textures which will then mould over a form to create the vessel shape.

I have started researching artists and images on the Internet and some of the things I have discovered are so beautiful I felt the need to share what I had found.

First up is Anne Honeyman! Specialising in free machine embroidery she combines a lot of other techniques and materials to make her creations such as felt making, paper making and metalwork.
I am especially interested in her machine embroidered bowls which are often inspired by hedgerows or fields of flowers and are produced in a perfect spherical shape.

Other artists include:

Kathleen Laurel Sage with her gorgeous organza vases.

Margarat Frass with her hand dyed and hand stitched felt bowls.

Helen Howes' bowl is almost patch worked in style, incorporating hand dyed and silver materials.

Sugane Hara, who I don't have an image for, has a whole range of interesting things, not just bowls!

Kath Danswan creates lovely intricately patterned bowls.

And finally, Penni Panayiotou who has made this lovely bowl out of threads and goodness knows what else!

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