Monday, 20 June 2011

Sparkling Lilies!

Well I think I was a little over optimistic about summer having arrived- no sooner than I said it we were plunged into one of the wettest droughts I have ever seen!! That will teach me for getting excited too early! Anyway, amongest all this rain there have been a few moments of twinkling sun, at which point the lilies in the garden started to sparkle like they were covered in hundreds of swarovski crystals! (When I went out to take these photos though the sun had disapeared back behind the clouds again- typical!)

The clematis also tried to join in but it took a bit of a battering so possibly doesn't look as fresh as the lilies.

The cat of course is disgusted with the ridiculous amount of water falling from the sky and has taken to stealing my brother's X-box playing chair (yes he has made himself a comfy chair....which he can't sit on because the cat is always curled up on it!!) which is made up of a bean bag, a large cushion and a nice fleecy blanket. The cat is very grateful to the monkeys for providing him with such a fantastic sleeping spot of course.

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