Saturday, 4 June 2011

Summer Is Here!!

You can tell when summer is here because my Dad's lilies suddenly bloom and fill the garden with colour! The spring is spent intently watching out for lily beetles and my Dad doing strange war dances around the pot whilst picking off the beetles who dare to tread on the precious plants (he can get quite protective over them-bless).
Still, all this care is not wasted and they are looking particularly lovely at the moment.

In my ATC group (MixedMediaATC_UK) we have a swap shop and I recently swapped a load of lace for a book called 'Indygo Junction's Needle Felting: 22 Stylish Projects for Home & Fashion' by Amy Barickman.
It is full of little projects to start you off with needle felting and which you can then adapt to your own tastes and inspirations- one which has reminded me of the lilies is a needle felted lily in almost the same colours!
It seems quite easy to make as well and of course once you have made it, you can change the colours, the scale, the amount of petals, the shape of the petals etc.
For example, also growing in the garden at the moment are lots of clematis' (is plural clematis clemati?) which are in the most amazing purples! You could use the technique for the lily but change the fleece to shades of purple, add some more stamens and rearrange the petals slightly.
Just a thought! :D

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