Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Felt Flowers

A bit more of the Mollie Makes patterns here- the kit from the second (?) magazine was of a felt flower which could be used on a variety of things: bags, brooches, headbands etc. My Mum wouldn't let me have the actual kit so I had to choose my own felt and just use the pattern.
It was surprisingly easy and quick to make although, in the instructions, they don't actually tell you how to put all of the components together. I think they would have used glue but it's quicker to just stitch it all together (no waiting around for it to dry!). I started with the centre, stitching through the bottom of the rolled up felt, then stitched through all of the layers of the flower petals. Finally (and Mollie Makes doesnt tell you to do this) I added some beads to the top layer of petals, and stitched a felt circle to the back of the flower to hide the stitches. Here is what it looked like!

I wanted to make other flowers, but not all the same shape so I designed my own flower and had a go at making that...

The shapes and possibilities are endless! Think of different colourways, add in another layer, add beads or fake stamens, change the petal shapes....
You can also use them for different things, here is my idea for a brooch:

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