Friday, 2 September 2011

Cloth Paper Scissors

Oh sometimes how I wish I lived in America!! They have a fabulous selection of arty magazines over there! We are sadly lacking in the UK I feel!
However, never fear because the Internet is leaping to the rescue, most especially with American mag, Cloth Paper Scissors. It's website is amazing, you can get daily emails full of interesting ideas and gorgeous photos, and they even have free e-books that you can download and read at your leisure!!
Of course, if you had the money you could always order the magazines from America, or even pay someone to buy and then post them to you- maybe even buy them off ebay or some other such site!
If you are interested in taking a peek, then click here for their website!!

Another magazine that I have recently joined online is Quilting Daily. Although it has quilting in the title, and I'm not a great quilter, they have loads of techniques which could be applied to all sorts of projects, and think outside the box with their quilts!! I really recommend their daily emails for all sorts of ideas. You can click here for their website!

Both of these magazines are from Interweave, which also has many other magazines of a crafty nature, along with books, e-books, videos etc etc. It is literally a crafting heaven and I have spent many hours perusing their websites!!

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  1. i get Cloth paper scissors through my local newsagent ......well worth it ...x