Thursday, 29 September 2011

Crochet Bonanza

Having started experimenting with the crochet apple holders, I then moved onto crochet flowers (also from the Mollie Makes mag)- which are ridiculously easy to make!

You start with crocheting a circle, then move on to the inner petals, then work backwards. The larger petals are not full blown petals but worked on a chain stitch, which I think looks just as nice as the front.

From this flower success, I decided to try my hand at something else. I came across granny squares on the Internet and found a great set of Youtube videos to help me along. The guy who does it is called mikeyssmail and he has made quite a few crochet related videos. Here is a link for the first video to watch which tells you how to start off your granny square. Then the second, and the third to finish off.

And you may think a granny square is a boring thing crochet, but you could use it as a table mat, coaster, jam jar decoration....and if you join them can make a blanket!! Which is exactly what I have been working on for my chair at university (to try and make it more comfortable to sit on). It isn't finished yet and there are several more granny squares to crochet but I am well on the way! What do you think?

And of course, there are many different patterns and ideas with granny squares, which not try making different sized squares and arranging them together...

...or just keep adding layers and making one giant granny square...

...or not making squares at all-- how about hexagons??

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