Monday, 5 September 2011

Jellyfish Fancy Dress

I was recently at a fancy dress party where the theme was literally 'The Sea'. You could be something on the sea, in the sea, by the sea, on the beach....anything you liked.
The costumes were all very good, but I think the costume of the night was the handmade jellyfish!
Made out of an old straw hat, some cardboard, crepe paper, bubble wrap, glittery fabric and lots of dangling ribbons, ric rac, sequins and netting it looked fantastic and sparkled and swayed all night!

Although not the first of it's kind, this outfit is definitely one of the better looking ones. Here are a few similar ideas people have tried...

It's not just fancy dress costumes that have been inspired by jellyfish. Here are some fashion ideas:

In fact, we are just generally obsessed with jellyfish!!! And why not? They are beautiful yet sometimes deadly and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours- providing heaps of inspiration!

Lighting Designs:


Electronic Gadgets:


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