Friday, 7 October 2011


One of the first projects I have had to do for university is called 'Chrysalis'. This involved setting up a space with random objects that I painted over the summer for summer work, as well as some other bits and bobs that suited my 'theme'.
I originally began with a brainstorm about the meanings of the word 'chrysalis' trying to think as outside of the box as you can possibly go. I ended up with ideas of spinning/swirling/twirling/turning... so movement- what moves and turns? Wind decorations, flowers towards the sun, kites, shop signs, fairies, small children....
I liked the idea of wind decorations and flowers so along with my painted objects I added plastic cups that I had cut up so that they swirled downwards, I also made cardboard flowers from toilet roll (which will be featured in a later post!) and arranged it all in my space along with some doilies and fabrics that I thought complimented my idea. Here are a few of the photos of my design...

I also took some sneaky shots of other people's work to use as inspiration so you might like a peek at some other ideas which all started with the same word.

Fascinating to see how people divide up their spaces and the things they bring in!!

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