Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The End of Construct & A Stressful Weekend

I always seem to be apologising for not blogging enough, although this time I do have a really really good excuse!!
I have been finishing my construct (weave and knit) project and there was a very strict deadline on Monday for which I had to get my eight samples, two trend and development boards, two sketchbooks, a technical notebook and a 500 word critique of the project finished and presented as professionally as possible. Not only that, but I had to hand in the previous project (the drawing project) as well. As the title of this post says, it was 'a very stressful weekend'.
Now of course I have to wait until we break up for Christmas- three weeks!!!- before finding out whether I passed or epically failed, lets hope it's not the latter!

Would you like to see the photos of my final samples?

I really like my weaves and think that they work well together, although I'm not so keen on my knits. They were kind of rushed which didn't help. But because of the knitting machine, I couldn't use the same pink yarn that was used in my weaving for my knitting. So there is hardly any pink in the knitting which makes them look  a bit out of place. I also wished I had used more of the fair isle (the circle pattern). Never mind, I think the colours do vaguely tie them both together and I learnt quite a lot about knitting machines...not my forte though I feel!!

This is the rest of my work, with the trend boards, evaluation, sketchbooks, technical notebooks and books of my weave and knit experiments.
Some people hardly had anything on their desks, which I don't understand because we had 6 weeks of this project- what have they been doing??!!! One girl only had one sample pinned on her board looking a bit bedraggled and lonely. Still, it is quality not quantity so maybe her sketchbook was amazing.

There is no rest for the wicked either, we are straight into the next projects- one is looking at our treasure boxes (regular readers will remember my decoupaged box of inspiration that I had to make) and finding themes and colour palettes from it.
We are also finding inspiration through poems, and to round it off we are doing a colouration project where we are looking at how to dye fabrics and the different ways of doing it. So all very exciting. We have already had a workshop on dyeing fabrics...

I dyed the blue samples using a direct dye. The samples themselves are all different types of fabric, starting from the bottom and working up we have nylon, ,wool, cotton, acyrlic and polyester. For the types of dye, working left to right, we have disperse, direct, basic and acid. So not all dyes will work on all types of fabric. It's quite interesting really.

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