Tuesday, 20 December 2011


I have highly exciting (well probably only for me) news! My Christmas cactus has flowered! And has not yet died!
Christmas has definitely arrived!
Here is my cactus when I first got it...

The first flower...

And after surviving the long journey back home for Christmas...

So my university windowsill was looking fabulous before I left- also helped by my beautiful Secret Santa present, a lovely box from the same range as my bowl.

(Excuse the mess in the mirror)

All this excitement is not just caused by a present and some fleurs- I received my grades for the last two projects I have done, the drawing project way back at the beginning and the knitting/weaving project you read me stressing about. I got.....................drum roll please..........................two B's!!!!!! Which is fantastic, especially as I thought I had failed the first one. Apparently a B is practically the highest the tutors will give as an A is really really hard. So that's a big relief! Although the pressure is on to keep it up.

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