Sunday, 1 January 2012

Fabric Yo-Yos

I got some lovely books for Christmas, one of them being Kim Thittichai's new release, Layered Textiles: New Surfaces with Heat Tools, Machine and Hand Stitch. I am an avid Kim Thittichai fan so getting the book was exciting in itself, but whilst flicking through the pages I found an amazing piece of artwork with some funny urchin-looking things on it.
It turns out that my Mum knew how to make them so I could go into instant production.
They are called fabric yo-yos and all you need is a circle of fabric twice the size of your desired final shape and needle and thread.
Folding over the edge of the circle to make a neat finish, do a running stitch all the way round. Pull the thread as much as you can (without snapping it) to gather up the stitch, pressing the hole created into the middle to flatten, then tie up and fasten off. If you are still a little confused then click here for a step by step for how to make it with photos!

I do have further plans for these yo-yos, as I am intending to put them onto my Rainbow Accordion Book Pages which I am working on for my ATC group (the photos will be up on my other blog shortly). They will have to be either dyed or painted and then stitched onto the page- which I still have to figure out how to do.

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