Thursday, 16 February 2012

Five Final Prints

I thought you may be interested to see my five final prints for my screen printing project inspired by garden birds. Myself and my tutor, Kate, had ALL of my prints out earlier this afternoon, and they took up an entire print table (which is very long)- I hadn't realised I had done so much!! Anyway, after much debate, these are the ones we settled on. (I apologise for the quality of the photographs, some of them aren't very good because I was taking them standing on a chair over the table in my kitchen and the light is rubbish- the colours are a bit weird too.)

 (The blue stripe sparrow one above is my favourite)

 (I wasn't sure about the print with the jays, I thought the background might be too busy, but most people have disagreed with me so I have given in and added it to the final choices.)

They are all connected with a bit of gold foiling, which was one element of print I really did enjoy- especially when foiling over the top of puff paint! Makes for an interesting textured appearance.

So I hope you like them and that they are worth all the moaning you've had to put up with from me. Hopefully the next few months will be nothing but happiness and embroidery spilling from the pages!!

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