Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Free Things

Don't you just love free things? I have joined many freebie websites in the hope of getting some small samples (mainly I just like getting post- there is something in the thrill of opening a new package and not quite knowing what is inside!!! As long as it is a nice surprise of course!) of random things: coffee, perfume, toothpaste, washing powder cups (I know that one is a bit weird....) etc. I was very excited the other day because one of the things on the freebie sites was free fabric samples!!

The stripey ones are my favourite. Apparently they come all the way from Sri Lanka!

Of course, this got me thinking, and I started researching into other places you can get free samples- I'm not going to say where because it might not be fair on those companies if they are suddenly inundated with requests for freebies (you have to research it yourselves!!)- and I found some free wallpapers and other fabric samples...

 The above and below are wallpapers.

And downwards from here are fabric samples.

 I do really like the dandelion clock inspired prints. You can only order around 6 samples at a time, but as there is quite a lot of repetition in the patterns, you probably don't need more than that. It's a really nice way for me to get ideas though for my sketchbooks, as obviously you can get more samples with the trends and the seasons.

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