Sunday, 19 February 2012

Mini Machines & Matching Cushions

One of the things I really miss about being at home is my sewing machine, which was a big factor in why I went out and bought a mini one...very naughty! I have been researching and thinking about getting one for a while, but some of the comments on seller's websites aren't fantastic so I was a little wary. Still, I was in the Button Boutique the other day and decided to just bite the bullet and get one! And I'm very glad I did.
I have used it for the first time this afternoon and it worked like a dream!! Of course, it only does straight stitch and you can't make it do anything too taxing, but it is so cute and was perfect for making cushion covers to go underneath my crochet cover.

I want to make two cushions to match my giant granny square blanket, and had to adapt two pillow cases to go over the cushion fillers. I had already made a cover from little granny squares, and just had to put the cushion inside and crochet up the last edge and then add a shell edging all the way around. I am thrilled to bits with my first one, and now have to decide how to make the other cushion a little different!

Here is the front...

And the back...

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