Monday, 19 March 2012

Colour Chips

Afternoon all, sorry for being a bit lax with the updates lately- been a tad busy with various things! I have now started my mixed media pathway which is the final pathway in the first year of uni!!! I only have about 5 weeks of teaching time left and then I will be finished- the summer months are looming closer.
Anyway, we kind of started MM by collecting photos of our chosen theme (which vaguely relates to the Innovative Thinking project that I developed into looking at bark as well as seed heads), then choosing 5 and selecting 6 colours from each. I then went further and started sourcing fabrics, beads, buttons, ribbons, wools etc, along with more images that could relate in terms of colour or shape and have made them into colour themed pages...

It was quite fun actually, I really enjoyed rummaging through my boxes of bits to find fabrics and components that worked together. It makes a lovely starting point for projects too as you have something to go from that isn't drawing (although we now do have to do some drawing).

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