Thursday, 1 March 2012

Crocheted Cushions

I am thoroughly pleased with myself at the moment as I have finally finished the two matching cushions for my blanket! My bed is looking very cosy.

This cushion is slightly different to the first one in that it is smaller and the individual granny squares are smaller, with three rounds rather than four.

And my finished set!

Now some of you regulars may remember my first granny square blanket...

For a first attempt I suppose it wasn't bad, but I had sewn the squares together rather than crocheted, and I had used cotton thread which I decided I didn't like. So I have taken it apart again, gone around the individual squares with double crochet, re-sewn it together (using wool this time) and am now in the process of edging it. I will do the big reveal once I have finished it!! It is surprising how big a difference adding a thin line of double crochet makes to the size- it has almost doubled in size and is now much more secure and sturdy, so should hopefully last a lot longer.

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