Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The First Day Of Spring

According to Google, today is the first day of Spring- and looking out of my window, seeing the gorgeous sunshine and bright blue sky, I am starting to believe it! My daffies are lighting up the inside of my room and look spectacular in the sunshine, almost as nice as the daffs in Abbey Park, to which I made a return journey this morning.

I returned to the park to get some drawings and photos of bark and trees- although ended up just taking photos and lugging all my drawings things around with me which wasn't so fun. Claire tagged along as well so it was lovely showing her all my favourite bits of the park.

I'll quickly show you some of my bark photos and then we'll move on to my cute and exciting news.

 Anyway, enough of this bark frivolity- the Pets Corner was open!!!! *Moves on to photos of very cute animals and birds*

 The birds on the left look like they are kissing, and the one on the right is just plain cheeky!

Ahhh, if only every morning could be like this one....

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