Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Go Forth & Source!

Yesterday was a bit of an irregular day in my timetable, we thought we were going to spend another 5 hours in the studio drawing and continuing the projects as we have all the way through the first year-- but no!! Instead, we were sent out for 3 hours to find as many different fabrics and components and 'things' that we could relate to the Innovative Thinking project. (Unfortunately for me, this was a fantastic but very expensive exercise and I now won't be eating anything this week to make up for it. I haven't dared to work out how much was spent yesterday....yet....)
When we got back to the studio we had to use a view finder on the images that we have been collecting in our little books or on our mood boards, and then using the things we found, make colour swatches, material swatches, proportion swatches etc.

Can you figure out which sample goes with which view finder?

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