Saturday, 10 March 2012

A Right Royal Visit

A hugely exciting event happened at DMU this week....the Queen, Prince Philip and the Duchess of Cambridge came to visit. It was to mark the beginning of Her Madge's Diamond Jubilee Tour, and we were very honoured to be the first stop. Myself and Lucy were waiting at the railings by 7 in the morning (don't ask what time we had to get up, it is too painful) and we would still be waiting at 11.45 when they finally got there!

Hundreds of people were there and we were technically at the front, although what we didn't realise was that we would be standing in the spot where loads of camera crews would go in front of so our view was quite restricted in the end- it was interesting to see how the camera people worked though I suppose.
There was quite a lot of entertainment to keep us amused, with little dancers, big dancers, Chinese/Japanese fan dancers, a gospel choir....

I am going to attempt to upload a video of the choir singing, not sure if it will work and I apologise in advance for the camera man who kept getting in the way.

Eventually, after hours of waiting, the car drew up on the other side of the Magazine (the old looking building in the photos), the noise in the crowd accelerated and everyone surged towards the barriers, cameras held aloft, desperate to get a photo of the momentous occasion. My photos are quite terrible as there were very tall, highly inconsiderate people in front of me, so the first two were taken by my friend Rosanna who has a better zoom on her camera.

I thought Her Madge looked very fetching in her bright pink outfit. Kate was just as stunning in real life as she is in her photos, and Prince Phil was looking fab considering he was in hospital over Christmas.
They were all given presents, watched a fashion show (Kate got to chose a pair of shoes designed by the shoe designers which she will wear at some fancy occasion) and then the Queen revealed a plague on her way out. (The following photos were on the DMU facebook page)

So a very exciting day for DMU, and I can now say that I have seen the Queen!!!

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