Sunday, 15 April 2012

Country Bumpkins

Regular readers may have guessed that I really love living in the countryside, and yesterday's walk was a perfect example. Myself and a few friends decided to take a stroll (or a hike) through Ashdown Forest and then have a pub lunch (nothing like a proper country pub lunch!!). The weather was perfect, relatively sunny but not baking and no rain- although as it has been raining for the last few days many of us were really regretting not wearing wellies!!
The views, as always, were amazing- although you had to go uphill to get there...

Still, it was worth it!

 Our destination (apart from the pub) was a lake that we like to go to. Having not been there for a while we did get slightly lost on the way, but the detour was just a scenic, and in a few weeks the bluebells will all be out- unfortunately I will be back at uni by then but hopefully I can find another bluebell wood somewhere.

And we bumped into some deer so we had to walk sneakily sneakily along.

When we did get to the lake (with some help from Google maps on a phone- how high-tec are we?!) it was completely worth it, and time for a sit down, a snack and a drink before attempting the walk back to a pub.

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