Thursday, 19 April 2012

Firle Beacon

A few evenings ago various members of the family grabbed books, cameras and crochet and headed up to Firle Beacon for a picnic tea. The views, I have to tell you were incredible!! (And luckily for those who are unlucky enough not to have seen this sight, I had my panoramic camera with me- unfortunately it doesn't show the almighty gale that was blowing!)

Would you like a sneaky peek at my current crochet project? Maybe I shouldn't show you....oh go on then- a small peek!!

It is a ripple blanket!!!

I am thoroughly enjoying making it (in fact I don't seem to be doing anything else. My perfect day is spent in front of the laptop watching Midsomer Murders and crocheting like there is no tomorrow!!) The colours are a bit random I admit but I kind of like the jumble, there is no rhythm or set pattern to what colour I do next, just whatever I feel like.
Unfortunately just one colour stripe takes about an hour so when you think to yourself- 'I will just finish this colour'- you are more than likely to be there for another 30 minutes!!! Ah, but the satisfaction when you do finish it- a true milestone finished!!

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