Friday, 6 April 2012

Flowers & Stitching

What a gorgeous day!!! For some of you apparently it is snowing- commiserations there- but for me the sun is blazing, the sky is a vivid blue and the garden is full of daffodils! Mum even bought me some more daffodils (she's been reading the blog!) at the supermarket today so there is sunshine inside and outside.

I had another wander around the back garden to see if there were any new developments in the flower growing department that I could share with you- and came across these little gems!

The bottom of the garden is absolutely chocca with dandelions, early bluebells and primroses...

And there are some celandines (I think), grape hyacinths and an unidentified purple flower which goes really well with the g. hyacinths!

I have spent most of the day sewing- last night I finished the stitch sample that I mentioned a few posts ago...

 It has loads of different stitches in: bullion knots, french knots, collonial knots, back stitch, fly stitch, pekinese stitch, coral stitch, chain stitch, detached chain, heavy chain, whip stitch, spiderwebs, seed stitch, couching, satin stitch- eurgh, no wonder my thumb is hurting!!

I have even started my next sample- predominantly using stem stitch (so far!) to create a kind of linear bark like texture.
(This is what it looked like last night...)

(And after working on it all morning...)

Goodness knows where I'm going to take it next. I think I will adopt the idea of 'just keep throwing things on there until it looks good'.

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