Sunday, 1 April 2012

Packing For The Easter Hols

Another term over, and another holiday beginning! It is quite hard to believe that my first year of university is nearly over- I only have three weeks left of teaching time after the Easter holidays and then I am done for the summer!!! (Lots of crochet projects coming up I think- I am thinking about starting to take commissions although I'm not sure how many people would be interested. If you are then please leave a comment!!)
The parents suggested that I try and bring home as much stuff as I can this term so that when I pack up for summer and completely move out of Bede Hall I don't have to hire extra vans to transport all of my stuff home. My room is looking a bit bare and bedraggled at the minute with all of my books and DVDs off the shelves- I took some photos before I started properly packing though...

At this point all the packing boxes from under my bed are in the hallway as I had started and then remembered that I wanted photos- it's also why my desk is a bit of a mess.

We had some little visitors to Bede on my last day- I believe their names are Donald and Daisy.

And I had some presents of the chocolaty variety courtesy of Lucy...

And a mint aero lamb courtesy of me (sssh, don't tell the mother!)

Plus I went to the market and bought myself some new flowers! Not just daffs this time either!

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