Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Petite Fleurs

As you know, my favourite blog in the whole world is Attic24 and recently attic owner Lucy has inspired me to experiment with some of her little crocheted flowers which literally take 10 minutes to make!!

Her tutorial is here for those who have fallen in love like me- the instructions for the leaves are also on this page.

I have started using a new kind of yarn although as I have stupidly thrown away the paper bit around the ball I can't tell you the exact name. I do know that it is 100% cotton and might possibly be Creative Craft??? Ringing any bells for anyone? I will find out for you, possibly tomorrow as I may have to make another trip to my local craft shop (the man who runs it is lovely and gives me small discounts for being a regular!!!) and could possibly be persuaded to get some more colours....very naughty on a student budget!

So far these little flowers are just floating around on their own in the living room, although thanks to Lucy, I have a plan!!! You will all have to wait and see though!!

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