Wednesday, 25 April 2012

View Hunting In Odd Weather

In the last few days of the holiday myself and the family packed the car with map and 'nocilars and went view hunting.
We chose an afternoon where the world and his wife seemed to be out on the roads, including hundreds of cyclists who we came across whilst going up and up and up a very steep road. They were mad, completely bonkers to try cycling up that hill!!- we were all winding around the hill together at about 2 miles an hour!

When we did get to the top we gave them a round of applause for their achievement- I think they just wanted a lie down.
The views were glorious!

You could even see Brighton's new football stadium.

We didn't stay in this particular place long, and soon waved the cyclists goodbye. I tried taking some photos of us on the move, just look at the greeness!!

We ended up at a place called Devil's Dyke, where the view of the weather was quite spectacular- look at the rain!

Speaking of rain, has anyone else noticed what strange weather we are having at the minute? Currently (as I type this in Leicester) it is pouring with rain and is cold and extremely windy. The other day (when I was in my country house) we had hail, sun and a rainbow (all at the same time)! The hailstones were huge!

 Ominous black clouds...

At one point it looked like the grass was dancing like rice on a big speaker as the hailstones bounced off the ground.

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