Sunday, 1 April 2012

Why I Love Being At Home

Ahhh, it's so good to be back (although after three weeks of sharing a room and shouting siblings I probably will be looking forwards to returning to city life). I woke up surprisingly bright and early this morning and rushed out into the back garden in my PJs taking photos of the flowers in the sun.

Even the cat joined me.

It was my uncle's birthday during the week so my Gran treated us all to a pub lunch- another reason to love the countryside!- and then we all retired to her house where she has recently bought the most fantastic cushions that I really must share with you!

Posibly not the most comfortable to lean on with all those beads and sequins, but they sparkle in the sunlight and just look amazing!

I also made her a cushion for her birthday which was also quite recent, and although it didn't sparkle with little gems, I think it had a quiet dignity of its own on her chair.

It is different from the cushions I made for myself- for a start it is a rectangle which caused me some thought provoking  problems as to how to make a granny square into a granny rectangle. I eventually hit on the idea of making a larger magic ring and then doing more groups of three triple stitches so that I could make a rectangle. It still wasn't quite big enough though so I made small squares and put 4 down each side of the back which looked quite interesting.

And then of course, I had to have a wander around the garden in the sunshine!


  1. I might be interested in a commission, depends what you're making and how much it is

  2. I think I would generally be sticking to making blankets- although obviously the sizes would vary- and I will also be researching into the cost of good wool, I don't want to make something out of cheap stuff!! I have been chatting to some people and they suggested I should discuss the type of wool and the size of the blanket before the price is set, as each one would be unique. I will look into it a bit more and then get back to you =D