Sunday, 20 May 2012

Admin & Ripples

Welcome All to today's meeting! I have recently been thinking it's high time I updated my blog, so I scoured the web for some inspiration-what do you think of my new background? (Provided by itkupilli)
I am also, for those who are interested, now on email- so you can sign up and every time I write a new post, you get emailed about it straight away!! I have signed up to this for several of my favourite blogs and it is really nice as you don't have to keep remembering to check to see if there is anything new, you just get emailed about it! Very handy.

Well, that's all the admin I have, so on to AOB- the ripple blanket for my brother!! This is the biggest commission I have taken on so far. He decided he really liked my ripple blanket, and wanted his own, but he wanted it to be wider than mine and taller than him. As he currently stands at 1.75 metres (we measured him) it means that I have to make the blanket about 2 metres long- and he is still growing!!!
The details so far: it is 280 stitches wide (plus the initial 3 extra chains for turning), and only 28 colours stripes long. It takes me over an hour just to do one colour stripe...I could be making this for a while (I started it on Tuesday, so that's 6 days, and only 28 stripes!!!)
Being a reasonably fussy client, he wanted the colours to be inspired by the sea, using only shades of blue. Being very stubborn, I have put in some stripes of cream and a sneaky red one (which can be inspired by lobsters perhaps?) to break up the blue a bit.

Sorry about the dullness of the photos- it's extremely difficult to get my room looking bright (unless of course the sun is out...which it isn't)- the colours are much brighter in real life. As you can see, the blanket is massively wide, I can't fit it all into my camera without standing on the bed or looking at it from an angle. I have just measured it and it is 1.70 metres wide!!!

So what do you think? Looking manly enough?

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