Wednesday, 30 May 2012

All Bunged Up

Morning All! Beautiful day again, although slightly cloudy! I am writing today's post in the living room, surrounded by various crochet projects and with a glorious view of some gorgeous white roses outside the french doors- the smell is amazing! Sadly though, today I have woken up feeling very bunged up and not particularly well. Even my ears feel bunged up! So I shall show you some pictures of the weekend when I was feeling better.
Myself and the parents went for a wander on Ashdown Forest (I have decided I very much want to live there when I move out, the views, the wildlife, the peace and quiet....lovely!) where there were some spectacular view to behold!

We went in the evening so the light was really lovely, all golden and, well, sunny! The sheep seemed to be very much enjoying the weather.

Driving home as the sun was setting was lovely, the golden beams shining through the trees and creating dancing dappled patterns on the road (see? I can be poetic?)

The sunrise the next morning was also very spectacular- normally I wouldn't have been up at 10 past 5 in the morning, but the cat first tried to jump out of my bedroom window (first floor, could have ended badly), but then when he realised that he had got me out of bed, he decided it was time for his breakfast and demanded that I should go downstairs and feed him. Immediately.
So I was up, and the sole witness, from this household at least, of the bright red sphere in the sky.

Isn't it lovely? And the old adage 'Red Sky in the Morning, Shepherds Warning' didn't even happen!

All this beautiful weather has spurred on the crochet projects, I am still working on my brother's blanket (in fact, now I'm home, he's a regular task maker and reminds me at every opportunity that it still isn't finished!), but due to the heat I put it aside for a while and started making another blooming flower cushion for the second circular pad I ordered. I love how easy and quick they are to make, and in just a few days- it was finished!!

 This one is slightly different to the first one I made, apart from the different colours, I used a 3.5mm hook to make the stitches tighter, and for some reason it has more petals on each round. I'm not entirely sure why this is as I followed the same pattern, but instead of the six petals in the beginning, it has seven and so from then on has lots more! I quite like it being so different though, it has it's own character and charm.

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