Monday, 14 May 2012

The Final Roundabout of Year One Uni!!

As you are all well aware today was the final hand in for our last roundabout project of the first year of university!!! I was actually quite calm about everything as most of it was all done and organised last week, meaning that all I had to do was waltz in and pin up my final samples.

I did try to take photos of other people's work but couldn't get very many as there were people all over the place and then we had to leave. Hopefully at some point I can sneak back and get a few more photos to show you because the standard of work, especially for the Mixed Media samples, was absolutely amazing and I would quite happily have any of the samples somewhere on my wall at home- they were gorgeous!!

 (By Bella)

 (By Hannah)

 (By Rebeckah)

 (By Ryan)

(By Victoria)

I also have some of the submitted knit and weave samples...

 (By Rosanna)

 (By Freya)

 (By Claire)

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