Friday, 11 May 2012

Final Samples!!!

Right OK then- here we go, the final samples for Mixed Media. Some you may recognise, some have been touched up, and some you may never have seen before. Ah the excitement!!

You may remember the sample on the right as a rather drab tuck sample- I have spruced it up and voila! A beautiful sample with little stitches hidden amongst the random smocking and an interesting new texture provided by the machine embroidery samples.

 Another one that has been touched up with some simple hand embroidery. Beads add a bit of glitz and glamour but I think it is still understated.

And a nearly totally new one. This was heat transferred on but you couldn't really see the shapes so I machine stitched over some of them, then attacked it with my needle and thread, threw on some beads and added a dash of hand pleating for an interesting effect.

They are now gracing my wall so that I can test and see whether they work together as a collection, whether I have done enough of each sample, and also so I can try and choose three final-final ones to display in my space on D-Day (Deadline Day- which is Monday). I have two so far, the linear stitch sample I made over the Easter break and the grey pin tuck sample...I just need a third. Any suggestions?

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