Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Finished Ripple!

Hurrah, finally I have finished my ripple blanket!! It now lies on my bed without fear of unravelling which is marvellous. I added 4 more colour stripes to it since you last saw it, so that the colours match the ones I began with to make it seem more complete.

So, you will be wanting some details of my lovely creation- well, it is 210 stitches wide (don't forget that if you are making your own blanket, each ripple section is 14 stitches long so your initial chains must be able to be divided by 14, plus 3 for turning) and 61 colour stripes long- although this is actually 122 rows as each colour is made up of two rows.
It is worked in treble or half treble stitches and I used a 4mm hook!

This won't be the last you see of the ripple however as I have a request from my brother for a underwater, seaside themed blanket...I shall get on it right away!!!

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