Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Afternoon all!! I was up very late last night and the night before stitching, cutting, gluing, sticking...the mess was incredible!! However, I now have several more finished stitch samples and a finished mood board to share with you.

Firstly here is the pin tucked sample that I have been working on for AGES!! Finally finished...

Now all I have to do is number, trim the edges, mount and consider whether I want it as a final piece (I'm thinking YES!!).

I also started a new little stitch piece- it is a cross between the first ever stitch sample I made, and the second ever stitch sample I made...

 ...so ended up looking like this!

I needed a sample to go on my mood board, so this fitted perfectly.

I am particularly proud of my Mapper image (bottom right) where I have put one of my own designs in situ. Have I shown you my Mapper project?? Hmmm, I shall have to do another post dedicated to that I think. How remiss of me!!

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