Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Photoshop & Mapper

Whilst writing the previous post, I realised that I have not shared with you my CAD project!! I have mentioned it before several months ago (see post here), but so much has developed since then this post is in danger of becoming a novel!! Let me begin with a quick reminder of the project: taking imagery from the Print project (remember this one? The one about birds?) I developed a series of patterns using the Photoshop computer program- using feather, robin and sparrow motifs and experimenting with horizontal and vertical stripes, random scatters and repeat patterns.

I consider that I have been very clever for the next lot of prints. I made floral shapes by rotating the robins and sparrows, then made a repeat pattern with a variety of colours, discovering that when I changed the background colour to the same as one of the sections of the pattern- lots of different patterns were created!! Genius!

I do like these flower robin prints- the sparrow one is more like a star though..

I also did lots of stripey sparrow prints. (Which are my favourite!!)

Once the prints were finished, we moved on to a different computer program called Mapper. This meant that we could scan in an interior or fashion image (I went with interiors), and then using the very clever technology, create grids over the sections of the image we wanted to cover. The grid would pick up any shadows or contours underneath it and mould the pattern to fit- making it look incredibly realistic!

Let me demonstrate. Here is the original image...

And here is after I got my designs on it...

Want to watch again? Here is the original image...

And my designs on top...

We then had to make these two components into presentation sheets:

Voila!!! My CAD project complete!

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