Sunday, 27 May 2012

Profound Apologies

Ah my Lovelies! I hope you haven't been feeling abandoned this week, I have lots to post about, really I do, but my laptop unexpectedly died on me and the Internet in the library wouldn't let me sign in to update you all. I have very much missed being able to go to blogdom on a regular basis! So, to bring you all up to date, I have moved out of university accommodation! The packing was horrendous- I thought it would never end and I was so hot (finally summer has arrived!)!!! I took some photos of my room in it's gloriously messy state before I started- look how homely it looks...

I had to do my packing in stages- after day one of packing not a lot had been done, only under my bed and some of the shelves, but even that took hours!!

Day two was much more constructive, and I managed to clear out the cupboards, the wardrobe, the kitchen cupboards... I was on a roll!!!

There was stuff in bags and boxes everywhere!!

Day three was moving out day, so I got up early, stripped the bed, did the zillions of last minute bits and bobs, and then waited for the removal vans (or rather, my parents and an uncle- we needed two cars to bring it all home!!) to arrive.

It was very sad leaving my room, it was the first room I had had to myself where I could decorate it (within uni regulations of course) and decide what I wanted in it, and just lock myself away and hide when needs be. Although once you take all the personal belongings out of them, they are soulless, empty spaces which echo eerily when you talk. There is no trace of the person who lived there.

Anyway, once home there was the issue of unpacking and merging back into a house with four current occupants- some things found an unlikely home...

 (I love the bright pink of the jellyfish against the washed out leaves and branches of the jasmine!)...whilst other things blended seamlessly with the rest of the house, making very crafty little corners!

(The felted biscuits and the pears are creations of my Mother, and the patterns for them can be found on the Mollie Makes website.

I am now relaxing, enjoying the weather, and some hooky business which I shall let you know about once finished! Long warm days sitting outside with a cool drink and my crochet, and lovely balmy evenings where one can sit in the garden, light some candles and enjoy!

 Let me finish today's post with some glorious photos of the roses in the front garden, blossoming in the sunshine! Hopefully I will be with you again soon! (As soon as I find somebody else's laptop to borrow- or mend mine!)


  1. Beth your room at uni looks lovely! Its so cool having your own little space to make your own, I like the leaf thing on the wall which you can see in the second photo, How did you make it?
    I really should take some photo's of my room before I move out (when its tidy :s)
    Hope you are well,
    Suz x

    1. Hey Suzzle- hopefully my room next year will look even better!! You mean the toilet roll flowers?? Easy Peasy- I can show you at one of my crafting sessions if you like when you get back? =D

    2. Yus please :) I have a feeling I may have seen something similar on Apartment Therapy (or somewhere else on the blogsphere..).
      Think I'll probably be coming back on the 14th or so atm, as I'm going to Aberdeen for most of next week and I still have sooo much stuff to do here, my to do list is scarily long.
      Can't wait to see you :)