Thursday, 21 June 2012

Change of Name!!

Morning All! I thought I should just warn you- and I'm not sure how this will work, whether you will be forwarded or not- that the domain name and title of my blog is changing! I will now be known as Dotty Textiles to match the name of the shop I hope to open eventually. So don't run away, I'm still here, just no longer called Beth's Natural Inspirations!!

In other news, I am also going to delete the ATC blog (huge upheaval this morning! It's like I'm moving house!!) and go back to putting all my ATC details on this blog as I can't really justify having the other one any more. Good news for those who look at both blogs! Now it will all be in one place- much easier!

I just want to thank all you lovely blog readers who have become regulars in my little blogland, and hope that you can find me after 'the move'!!

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