Saturday, 23 June 2012

Dotty Textiles

Phew! What a windy day! I was out earlier on at a Scout Fiesta event and got fair near blown inside out!! It is surprisingly hot though when you find a sheltered spot in the sunshine.

Now, the eagle eyed among you will have noticed my new header (which looks very like the little teaser photo I showed you in the last post). I have been wanting to do one of these for AGES! But somehow the previous blog title (Beth's Natural Inspirations for those who have already forgotten) never really seemed to inspire one- Dotty Textiles on the other hand conjured up cute felt letters hand stitched onto a sky blue background, oo and maybe some crochet flowers...why not put them on felt stems, and add little insects as well??? So you see, my new little piece of artwork was born. I am utterly thrilled with it.

Do you want some details of my little logo? Well it is just shy of 60cm by 20cm and masterfully laced onto card (even if I do say so myself) with another piece of card taped to the back to protect the stitching. I have designed the flowers myself, when I was fiddling around on the bus- they have seven petals and a slightly larger gap between the bottom two (I might do a tutorial on these actually if you are interested), then the centre colour has been stitched on to give a different effect, and a button applied to the middle.

The insects are all made out of felt and have also been hand embellished with little stitches (french knots, colonial knots, back stitch etc).
I really think this captures what goes on in this 'ere blog, with the colourful crochet and little felt creatures. Yep, sums me up pretty nicely I think. (And of course, I'm completely dotty to boot!!)

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